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European itineraries

Selection of European capitals and other interesting cities (~3 weeks)
Best time to visit: all year round (peak season: July / August)
Thanks to different low-cost-carrier companies and fast trains this trip allows a maximum of sightseeing within a minimum of time and still on an acceptable budget. The trip can be easily varied and – depending on your wishes – be extended or shortened.
John and Stacey decided last year to finally plan their first trip to Europe. They were very curious about different cities and the variety of countries. This is why they decided to visit a lot of different countries within one trip to get a first glance what Europe is about. As they did not have time to plan a trip in detail and as they were no experienced travelers they decided to have their trip planned with Their maximum budget was levelled at 3000 USD for 3 weeks (excluding drinks and meals, including long-distance flight). here to read more
The Pyrenees countries: France & Spain (2 weeks)
Best time to visit: May - July, September - October
As you can see in the description of the last trip, travelling in Europe means running a lot of kilometres which is time and as well money consuming.
This is why we recommend focussing on a region (see chapter regions). One excellent trip from May to June and September to October is to explore the region of the Pyrenees and to combine the two countries France and Spain. If you are curious want to know further details, read the story about Steve and Sarah. 
Steve and Sarah have already been traveling a lot, as well around Europe. This time they wanted to design their 2-week holiday in a special way:  they wanted to focus on two countries in order to get a more thorough picture of the culture and the people. Their budget was leveled at 2000 USD (excluding drinks and meals, including long-distance flight). here to read more
For further ideas and hints, please see the trip planning chapter. If you are interested in booking a trip, please fill in the booking request questionnaire.