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Frequently Asked Questions

Please use our contact form.

There are 2 ways of booking with
1) Either you get inspired by the information given on the pages and by the first free trip proposal and book via the links provided on the webpage
2) Or you ask for a trip proposal and have all your trips and hotels booked directly with our travel agent. In this case, a small fee is due for our services. For further information see the page trip planning.
Please be aware that there is no further surcharge for you when booking with our travel agent. On the contrary: the trip details will be booked with exactly the same system you can book. The advantage is, however, that our travel agent generally knows very well about the locations and promotions. This is how you will still save money vs. booking on your own.

Depending on the time and destination, the budget can be around 1000 USD for a week including long-distance flight up to 5000 USD for several weeks including several destinations and European flights.
For precise ideas and cost proposals, please contact us via our contact form or our booking request questionnaire.

It depends on the season of your planned trip. For peak season travel (summer holidays: June - September, winter holidays: around Christmas and Eastern) you should reserve your trip details at least 6 months beforehand. Regarding your long-distance flight it is even recommendable to book approximately 9 months in advance. The rest of your trip in non-peak season can still be planned 2-3 months beforehand.