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Trip planning

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You are very busy in your job and you do not have the time to carefully plan your trip to Europe? You simply do not have a precise idea, where to go and when or how to combine countries? Whatever the reason might be...


We can help you out with our services. If you book with we can plan the whole vacation for you, including schedules, reservations and further hints for the respective countries. This is how you can travel on your own schedule based on your own ideas but with the comfort of an organised trip (without tour guide).


If you decide to book your trip with me, the following fees apply (lump sum for consulting and booking services):


Duration of trip Incl. search ld flight Price (USD)
1 week yes / no 100 / 80
2 weeks yes / no 150 / 130
3 weeks yes / no 200 / 180
4 weeks yes / no 200 / 180